Dark Waves Rising Characters


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A sea Tortle who has lived most of his life as a privateer under Captain Daddy Ruth of the Mercantile Guild, sailing the seas and seeing new and interesting sights along the way. Being a little more cumbersome than most lithe sailors, Anaconda learned quickly that his strengths lay in the hard manual labor of the ship, and particularly with repelling people who boarded the boat (or, rolling through people whose boat they were invading). He was friends with UnceUnceUnce the goblin on this ship as well, and they had a good friendship going. Once the Blackbeard came and Captain Salty killed Daddy Ruth, he became a slave aboard the ship until he was able to break free.

He has no qualms with the pillaging nature of piracy, but he still has a heart. Because of this, when he could have allowed Captain Salty to drown, he instead chose to put himself at risk and save his previous captor.

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