Cyan Wilkins

The Famous Cyan Wilkins began her military career as a privateer for the Western-Empire. She was drawn to Krutin to become its naval commander by the old general, Nikolas Alexey Dagr Mikhailov I. She was criticized heavily for being too young and inexperienced for the task, but Nikolas leveraged his influence against Cyan's detractors and she rose to the position. She is known for her incredible greed, ruthless idolization of might, and tendancy to push her luck.

The auburn haired commander was encountered by the adventuring party known as Team Alpha Strike beneath the old dwarven temple in the caverns of the Kuo-Toa priest. She commanded a small force of ghouls and a wight all wearing city guard colours against the adventurers, and demanded they turn over the necromantic tome recovered from the late Chane. Initially, she claimed Arthur Villars has sent her, and she had payment for the tome. When suspsicions rose, she ordered her men to slay the heroes.

After the fight failed, she stalked the party from the ceilings, and lured the group into the lair of the behir, Old-One-Eye. Her plan almost worked, but unfortunately she pushed her luck too far and disappeared into the jaws of the terrible ancient serpent.

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