Thundercoven Characters


Name: Hermey Permafrost
Race & Class: Half Elf Sorcerer
Hometown: I come from the land of the ice and snow
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Associations: House of Permafrost

Hermey hales from the land of ice and snow, far to the north of Kroutin. The first born son of the noble Permafrost family, Hermey's parents were mysteriously murdered one fateful day. Hermey feels extremely bad about this since he was away at his favourite burlesque show when it happened.. As atonement, he has put himself in exile and has been boozing and whoring his problems away. In his absence, his younger sister was forced to marry the local greasy man, Yukon Cornelius. Hermey increasingly feels that he must solve the mystery of his parents murder, avenge them, rescue his sister from Cornelius, and take his rightful place as head of the Permafrost family.

Hermey's magical powers first emerged when he was touched by an angel. The whole thing was some sort of moralistic encounter about how his vices were going to destroy his life or something, he was not really listening. He does remember that the angel had a lovely fantasy-Irish accent and was, I quote, "smoking hot."

During his quest to bring his parents murderer to justice and his voyage to Limbo to save Kroutin, Hermey was gifted the Sword of Friendship from Dr. Swordopolis. Hermey discovered that the person responsible for his parents death was not Yukon Cornelius, but his little sister!

Hermey enjoys casting haste on his favourite muscle shield, Thava, throwing the occasional fireball, and when all else fails running away from danger.


Name: Thava Kerryhlion
Race & Class: Dragonborn Eldritch Knight
Alignment: Lawful Good

Parents disappeared when Thava was just a hatchling; raised by a wizard, Leviticus Faeroneus. Thava has spent most of her life trying to find out what happened to her parents.

Name: Oatmeal Stout aka Horstachio Dirtfarmer aka death-of-fathers aka Oats the Patricidal, né Chip Childgambla
Race & Class: Hill Dwarf Druid
Hometown: Kroutin Hive
Alignment: Neutral Good
Associations: Adopted son of Sallotta Funk, Friends with Mjolina Oftens and Mortimer Grolsch of the Hightown Botanical Gardens, Circle of the moon

Born to a degenerate gambler, Oats was won by father Dirtbeard Dirtfarmer in a card game at the lost soul, where neither player wanted to win. Hated by his adopted parents, Oats grew up miserable. When Dwarven elder Root Minepuncher recognized a seed of druidic talent in the young dwarf, Oats was signed up for "druid school" and dumped in the "mystic" woods outside Kroutin, where he lived alone for years, occasionally stopping into town to resupply. After meeting Tulåris while drinking the night away, Oats has embarked on a journey of self-liberation and also murdering as many father figures as he can manage.


Name: The Peasant
Race & Class: Peasant
Hometown: Mudville
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Associations: The peasantry. Farmers. Pig enthusiasts.
Background: Folk Hero

The Peasant didn't get a name until later in life since his parents wanted to make sure he lived. The Peasant is a folk hero, having saved the prized village pig from the deep end of the mud pit. All of the peasantry know of his great deeds.

Eventually his family finally decided on a name for him, but he was dutifully plowing the fields and didn't get to hear it before his family was murdered by a mysterious band of marauders. The Peasant donned his grandfather's old but still usable plate armor, grabbed his pitchfork, and started wandering. He ended up in the love pool while looking for treasure to help buy new land to farm on. He needs approximately 3,000 gold pieces to buy the land and equipment needed.



Name: Tulåris
Race & Class: Half Elf Thief
Hometown: Kroutin, Crudtown District
Associations: Ugblitz's Fang? (Hisssss!)
Cause of Death: Character sheet disappearing.

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Name: Salotta Funk AKA Salada Da Ghost
Race & Class: Human Bard Ghost
Hometown: Squat Mountain
Alignment: Neutral as fuck.
Associations: Dethbolts
Cause of Death: Some stupid goddamn monk's fist of death

Truly relaxed and a happy soul, Salotta still holds a few grudges. The war hero Nikolas Alexey Dagr Mikhailov the I, who summers in Squat Mountain, stole Salotta's first guitar when he was a child, simply because Nikolas hated the sound of music and probably anything happy because he's a dick. Since then, Salotta has been driven to spread his music far and wide. This, mixed with a morbid fascination with death, leads him to his odd attire and the theme of his current quest: to play for Nikolas the song to which all must dance.


Name: Wrangell
Race & Class: Human druid
Hometown: Wilderness of Cabryc
Alignment: Neutral Good
Associations: Circle of the Land
** Cause of Death**: Player becoming bored with the character

Wrangell is motivated by the lofty goal of returning Cabryc to the old ways. Being a true believer of the ways of his people he does not speak the civilized tongue and eschews armor of metal and fancy clothing. He does however speak a number of other languages that connect him to things outside of civilization including the magical druidic, and primitive tongues of undercommon and abyssal. Wrangell died from a guilty conscience, and just kind of gave up on life. he's in hell now.

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