Brynoth the Hated

Brynoth is a half-orc cleric who speaks three times as loud as normal and gets into trouble. He's currently friendly with the party.


Brynoth is a large half-orc. His other half must be something large, as he stands just shy of 7 feet tall, and looks to be roughly as powerful as an ogre. His grey skin is pale to the point that it appears white. Long matted black hair hangs over his face and down past his shoulders. He never bathes, and only washes when in the rain. His savage appearance belies his supernatural perceptiveness, unique insights, and apt nature related metaphors. Brynoth plays a musical instrument: the horn. He blows it loudly and uses it to herald his own coming. While speaking, he has the habit of tapping his fingers on his armour or the blade of his sword. He is argumentative. This may be a result of his life as an outcast.

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