A monk from the Order of the Unstirred Pot, Appa believed in achieving stability and balance via a good meal. His quest to find new ingredients and make new culinary creations was cut short by a flying reptile, whose claws were a little too sharp.

To those who belong to the Unstirred Pot, true recognition of talents only occurs once a new edible and delicious recipe is concocted. The founders of the Unstirred Pot believed that in terms of acts of generosity, a freely given meal was perhaps the most selfless. Creating a new dish, with no strings of wealth or fame attached, therefore, was the greatest step towards true balance and enlightenment.

These monks can be recognized by their stocky, unmovable bodies and hearts, always willing to do good no matter the reward, as well as their excellent table manners. In terms of weapons, simple kitchen utensils are often preferred, with the size of the weapon often correlating with the chef's skill. It is not uncommon to see grandmaster's with spoons or tongs the same size as them.

"Hunger is the cause of all problems, and the root of all sins. Ironic then, that it can be solved with a wooden bowl and properly-seasoned eggs." - Grandmaster Soo

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