Anyantum Stormwatcher

Ayantum is heavyset, with auburn hair and sharp brown eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a club and sickle. Ayantum claims that she seeks to destroy the undead, but her arrival at Krutin has noticeably been dominated by her wrecking havock among the refugees who fled the city, and worshiping her god, The Devourer, by a scenic cliff-side. Her memory is perfect, and she speaks slowly with long drawn out words and pauses. She is governed by a love for beauty.

While she seems strange, peaceful, and enthralled by the world, rumour tell that she is prone to fits of great rage.


Herme and Thava have both encountered the strange elf. Thava almost became a victim of her cult's sacrifice-centric style of worship. Herme was cooly shot down while attempting to woo her.

Herme now seeks a beautiful flower that grows in a place where death hangs heavily in the air.

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