Anardin The Intimidator

Anardan has messy blonde hair and large gray eyes. She wears hide armor and wields a quarterstaff and shield. Anardan is cursed with chronic pain from an old war wound – she paces constantly to keep her mind off this pain.

Anardan is great at impersonations and uses this talent to catch her foes unaware. She is curious, and wants to know more about those she interacts with. This curiosity has led her to posses forbidden dwarven lore of an unknown purpose. Rumors about the cleric state that this drove her from her home-land, and put on the path of a murauding storm-cleric.

Glory is the most important ideal to Anardan. She is bonded to her need to fulfill a personal life goal: revenge against the Krutinian knight who wounded her in battle.


Anardin Crushed Herme Permafrost in a drinking contest when the sorcerer first made it to Krutin's gates.

She later bravely volunteered to be the hostage of General Nikolas Alexey Dagr Mikhailov I, and degraded the tense standoff that had threatened to destroy Krutin. Though she has not been able to venture forth from the estate of Nikolas Mikhailov, it is assumed she is in good health.

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