November 9: What the fuck, Belwar?


  • Nam Noodle (with Charles)
  • Belwar (with Ratty)
  • Grunch the Lonehunter
  • Willoughby

Bling Bling-denstone

The party spent a week of downtime in Blingdenstone, recovering from a long stint of adventure. Belwar rediscovered why he was exiled from the city. I turned out to be a combination of:

  • Running a fight club with the city's earth elemental workers
  • Putting a water elemental in the leader's toilets
  • Getting messed up on tub sodium in public
  • While messed up on tub sodium, exposing himself in public
  • While messed up on tub sodium, vandalizing the Stoneheart Enclave's temple with vulgar etchings
  • Inability to finish other gnome's sentences.
  • Inability to tell a long, rambling story

Belwar recalls that he was the second person to be "sent away," the first being a gnome named Zaqaar Munjam who was kicked out for being obsessed with rotting food and had major abandonment issues.

Grunch sought information on a way to the surface, having heard rumors that there is a way out close to Blingdenstone. He was told to talk to Dorbo and Camila, the rulers of Blingdenstone. He also managed to sell the cursed sword.

Nam Noodle just sought rumors, finding out there have been some ooze attacks in the city.

Willoughby told good stories and made a friend, Kazook Pickshine who runs the trading post.

The Rat Pack

The group decided to first talk to Camila and Dorbo about a way out of the underdark. In exchange for help leaving the underdark Camila and Dorbo ask the party to resolve a conflict that they have been having with the wererats squatting in the ruined warrens of Blingdenstone. Camila wanted the party to talk to their leader, Chipgrin, while Dorbo would rather see him dead. They suspect him of leading oozes into the city

The party made its way to the warrens, making a pit stop at party rock. In the warrens they triggered a trap and then were attacked by a band of wererats. The wererats were easily dispatched and the troupe moved farther into this section of the city. Eventually the party ran into Chipgrin. Negotiating a detente, Chipgrin agreed to talk to the party, but would not reveal the source of the oozes to them, but only to Camila and Dorbo. The party agreed to escort him to Dorbo and Camila and guarantee his safety.

Rock Steady

As the party was leaving the warrens, they encountered a dust mephit accompanied by an earth elemental. Willoughby easily dispatched the Mephit and did some serious damage to the earth elemental, but was ultimately pounded into the ground by the earth elemental. Grunch with some helpful spells from Belwar and Nam Noodle was able to pull Willoughby from danger and revive him with a healing potion. Belwar and Nam Noodle delivered the finishing blow to the earth elemental.

The group delivered Chipgrin to Dorbo and Camila, and Grunch in an uncustomary speech preached the virtues of cooperation over conflict resulting in a temporary truce between the deep gnomes and the wererats. Chipgrin then disclosed the actual source of the oozes, an ooze farm outside of Blingdenstone that is overseen by someone called The Pudding King.


Taking some time to rest the party heard of a group of magic users in the city named the Stoneheart Enclave. Approaching the acolyte Glyph Shroomelight, the party learns that the organization is looking for the location of a long-forgotten holy site, a cave that makes summoned earth elementals summoned within it more powerful (a helpful tool for reconstruction of the city). They're also looking to sort out the issue of hauntings in the city, a result of the trauma from the sacking of the city by the Drow a hundred years ago. The group sets out to take care of a particular spectre. At first the group tries to communicate with the spectre to find out what holds it to the mortal plain, but they end up upsetting the creature when they ask it to relive the memories of the battle. Forced to take action, the party dispels the spectre, for now. Before the spectre evaporates the party learns that he has a partner by the name of Meera who he lost track of during the first seige, in the North-East section of the city (which is currently closed off). In a hidden compartment the group finds a drawing of the couple and a large, finely carved ruby.

Monsters slain

  • 3 x Wererats
  • 1 x Dust Mephit
  • 1 x Earth Elemental
  • 1 x Spectre


  • Belwar's dignity


  • 1 fine ruby worth 250gp
  • A vellum drawing of two deep gnomes labelled "V&M forever"
  • 50 gold pieces
  • 4x poisoned darts
  • Chunks of an earth elemental

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