November 3: Mim & Sidriel


  • Weber
  • Willoughby
  • Grunch
  • Belwar


The party arrived to a cold welcome in Blingdenstone: the gatekeepers worriedly told the party to get rid of the myconids, which they did. They also said that Belwar couldn't come into the city and neither could Weber, because he was a demon. Perfectly okay with this development, Willoughby and Grunch were ready to enter the city alone. After some arguing back and forth, the party finally convinced the guards to allow them in with a week's worth of quarantine and demanding to fill out immigration forms.

Belwar filled out the forms and they did not include any detail about the individuals past their knees. Belwar actually might not know what the party looks like.

The party eventually explained how important it was for them to enter the city, and the gatekeeper Sabar was delighted— not to let them in, but to know how important it was to them and what lengths they would go to just to enter.

"I feel as though we have seriously underplayed our hand, guys." - Belwar

Using this information as leverage against the party, Sabar gave them an option: expedited entry in exchange for rescuing Mim, the daughter of Blingdenstone's quartermaster. She had been kidnapped not but three days prior by a deep gnome and a drow who had slipped into the city under Sabar's nose. Feeling some sense of responsibility and knowing if she returned Mim she would be well rewarded, she told the party to get to it.

Rescuing Mim and a Demon

As it turned out, rescuing Mim wasn't actually that difficult. Honest Herb didn't put up much of a fight and was expecting the party, and his demonic familiar killed him before the party could get a chance to question him.

Warbel the deep gnome who was joining Herb explained the plan they had, and was very angry at the party. Apparently, there is a little bit of elbowing at the trough happening in the underdark between the demon prince powers that be.

He ain't gonna stay dead and neither am I. We aren't getting out of our deals with the hags and our Patron that easily. - Warbel

Binding Sidriel the fallen angel and Prince of Rot to the body of Mim and sacrificing her was what Herb had planned to do, but the party had put a stop to it.

Mim was very ready to leave the island, and the hags that the group struck a deal with were very happy to both accept the gifts of Herb's body and Warbel the deep gnome who was very much alive, as well as the scroll that was produced to bind an outsider's essence to the body of a mortal, allowing it to be slain.

Returning to Blingdenstone, the gatekeeper Sabar allowed the party to enter the city (after the entry fee of 5 gold, of course). Mim scurried off deeper into the city once the gate was opened, dropping the persona of a terrified little girl and began skipping and cackling wildly.

Monsters slain



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