October 13: Weddings are fun, guys!


You are cordially invited…

The party spent some downtime near the grove where they met many a mushroom. A large number of which had gone control happy and tried to mind meld with anything.

The wedding crashers

A group of non control crazy mushrooms sent the players to investigate the inner area of the grove. There they killed some hostile mushrooms. They witnessed wedding ceremonies being done by demons, and found humanoids buried as mushroom food. They collected some of the loot of the fallen. They learned the demon queen of fungi *name redacted* was to be married and decided they didn't want to stick around for the reception.

Make like a tree and leave (escape from Neverlight Grove)

They traveled towards the dark-lake where they encountered the ghost/revanant/image/haunting of belwar the second. They also encountered a patrol of dreugar who they warned about the mad fungii. They decided to accompany the other good mushrooms fleeing to Blingingstone where they could stay in (relative) safety.

Monsters slain

  • 4x adult myconids
  • Yestabrod the Gardener



  • +2 Drowcraft studded leather (Belwar)
  • Short Sword (Gifted to Redt the escaped slave)
  • Amulet of House Mizzrym (Nam Noodle)
  • 1x diamond worth 500 gp (unclaimed)
  • 3x amethyst worth 100 gp (unclaimed)
  • 4x diamonds, cracked and rough, worth 25 gp (unclaimed)
  • A wooden box, inlaid with silver, worth 25 gp (unclaimed)
  • 320 silver pieces
  • Scroll of Protection from Fiends

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