Sept 29: On second, let's not go that way


  • Grunch the lonehunter
  • Belwar

The Society for Brilliance

Grunch and Belwar left the tomb of the Cidriel and stumbled up a waterfall and carved channel finally emerging near the shores of the dark lake. Upon emerging, the two spotted a hut with several creatures occupying it. After cautiously approaching, Belwar and Grunch introduced themselves to the Society for Brilliance, a crew of underdark academics researching the phenomenon of the faerzress. After some conversation, Belwar and Grunch learned of a sword called Dawn Bringer, located in a labyrinth. They also found out that the Society had come from Gracklstugh, which may be preparing for war. The society was heading to Neverlight Grove. Belwar and Grunch offered to accompany them there. The society decided to travel there by teleportation. Grunch and Belwar teleported with Grazilaxx the illithid.

Twists and turns and purple worms

Unfortunately, things seldom go according to plan in the underdark and Grazilaxx's spell was confounded by faerzress. This resulted in the crew being transported to some random location and taking a lot of damage. Pausing to recuperate, the groups rest was disturbed by a possible group of Gnolls, though they did not stick around to find out. Fleeing through the tunnels, the group crossed a large carved out cavern and a rope bridge before coming to a sign saying "demons this way." Grunch, Belwar, and Grazilaxx decided to not go that way and find another way. Upon heading back to the bridge the crew were confronted by a group of orcs demanding a toll for the bridge. Deciding to pay the toll, the crew crossed and made it back to the large cavern. Pausing for a rest, the crew met another deep gnome who also claimed to be Belwar. Grunch being very suspicious, threatened Belwar II to tell the truth, which he promptly did. Grunch, satisfied that Belwar II did not pose a threat, allowed him to stay. The group of four then entered the caver and started walking.

About an hour from where they entered a large purple worm emerged and chased them. During the chase the group managed to find a space empty of faezress and Grazilaxx teleported them away just in time.

The Neverlight Grove

Reaching the Neverlight grove, the team found out that the rest of the society for brilliance were not there, according to one of the denizens. Parting ways with Grazilaxx, Belwar and Grunch went to look for supplies.

Gricks and Pointy Sticks

A resident of the Neverlight grove offered to give Grunch and Belwar some potions in exchange for pest control of a few Gricks in the farm areas. Grunch and Belwar went Grick hunting and managed to find two little Gricks, dispatched with ease, and a big mama Grick. The big mama grick nearly killed Grunch and Belwar. Belwar II feeling kinship with Belwar rushed to help and got his head knocked clean off. Grunch surviving his near death experience sat up, swining violently, finally dispatching the mama Grick. The myconid local gave Belwar and Grunch their reward and Grunch sowed Belwar II's orange hat onto his loin cloth so that he would not be forgotten,

I name thee "Pokey"

Grunch finally decide to name his fancy greatsword. He calls it Pokey.

Monsters slain

  • 2 x Baby Gricks
  • Mama Grick


  • Belwar II, Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.:'(


  • Potion of Greater Healing
  • Potion of Longevity
  • Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
  • Potion of Flying
  • 3 x Potion of healing

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