June 8th: Risk & Reward

Fresh from two continued battles against a mysterious tentacled creature that had slain their friend, the party collects their thoughts at the mouth of a passage pointed out by Qorik, an unusually friendly Illithid. This cavern seems to have at one point been a temple but refitted into a laboratory, its vaulted ceiling covered in frescoes depicting violent celestial conflict.

Groaning and straining against restraints on a massive table, the figure of a two-headed giant is a macabre one indeed: bites and wounds across its body, large sections of muscle cut out, and one of the heads appears lifeless with dull eyes, its skull clearly having been opened.

As Qorik sits down at the head (pun intended) of this table, he reiterates his offer for the party to join his feast. Ward and Faadi, his human companions, continue to stare unsteadily and distrustingly at the party as they sit.



Game Summary

It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles

We rejoin the party in the lair of the mind flayer Qorick. After declining his invitation to dinner the crew exited the lair to seek an exit from the labyrinth of tomb surrounding the fallen angel. The group made its way to shore of a large lake. In the distance they can see some sort of creature moving through the water. Back-tracking, the party stumbled into a room (Nemia barely avoiding a trap) with lots of rocks. After investigating the party was attacked by a Gargoyle! The gargoyle was dispatched and a small horde of treasure was found. The group decided to take a short rest to recover from the melee.

That one time we thought we were being attacked by a mind flayer

Retracing their steps towards the underground lake, a member of the party's mind was attacked. Seeing no evidence the attacked, the group naturally assumed that Qorick was looking for a tasty meal. Lured also by the calls of the ettin chained to Quorick's dining table, the party sneaked back to the lair, only to find it empty. Grunch and Nemia explored farther, Nemia finding a lab and stealing a bunch of stuff. Grunch, feeling sorry for the ettin, attempted to release the creature. The ettin, too dumb to understand the he was being helped, started yelling and Quorick quickly appeared. Grunch tried to explain that the whole thing was just an honest mistake and so Quorick offered him the option of leaving one member of the party behind while the rest departed. Grunch said he would talk it over with the party and walked behind a tapestry before breaking into a dash towards the subterranean lake. The rest of the party quickly followed.

Stuck between a Rust Monster and a Dragon's lair

Quorick seemed uninterested in pursuing the heroes made their way back to the lake. Wandering into another room the party saw a little goblin placing coins on the ground appearing to lure a large insect somewhere. The group decided to ignore this and made it's way to an iron door. Shynre had the brilliant idea to become ethereal and used her ability to peak into the room ahead. Inside she saw many spider-dragon creatures and a dragon perched on top of a treasure horde. As Shynre returned to her body, the party realized that the goblin thing had lured the Rust monster bug into cornering them in the corridor. Shynre and Nemia made a graceful movement around the bug and out of harms way. Grunch dumped a handful of copper coins at the door and then jumped over the Rust Monster. Belwar tried to do a cool slide under the rust monster, but ended face planting into the beast and losing his shield.

Back to square one

The Rust Monster made quick work of the iron door and fell to the dragon-spider thingies and the party in the meantime skewered the goblin things. Grunch turned them into chum and fed them to the beast in the lake. Grunch and Shynre sneaked into the dragons lair and found it to be a dead end. Back tracking, the party managed to find a hidden door in a previous room and also found the culprit of the psychic attack, a brain with legs that ran away. Opening the secret door they followed to the passages all the way back the grand room with the floating coffin of Sidriel, now sitting open and empty. The group made their way out of the tomb to the grove of mushroom trees. Here they decided to take a long rest.

Monsters slain

  • Gargoyle
  • 2 x goblin things
  • one rust monster lured to its death


No one!


  • Glass ring w/chicken
  • 2,518 CP
  • 900 SP
  • 50 GP
  • Fur Gloves (Grunch)
  • Leather Armor (Nemia)
  • Spell scroll (Tensor's Floating Disk)
  • Spell scroll (Detect Magic)
  • flute
  • dagger
  • 2 x nets
  • chalk
  • quiver of crossbow arrows

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