June 1: He that fights and runs away, May turn and fight another day (but probably shouldn't)

After a long and arduous descent into the deep, past water hazards, a mysterious metal path, and a foreboding doorway, the party has found themselves within the prison of the fallen angel Sidriel. A diminuative demon, perched upon Sidriel's casket, made a deal with Herbitus "Honest Herb" Xorlarin, through telepathy. The last words the party heard from Herb before he turned invisible and fled with the demon into the darkness were "Guys… who is Sidriel?"

Not all is dead in this prison, though. Kumuriel, a suspiciously out of place human, entered to check on the commotion of the party. A friendly Xorn encountered the party outside the prison and gave them information in exchange for food. As well, a mature hook horror was encountered eating a freshly killed person.

Does this mean there is a way out of this cave system?



Heroes of the Underdark vs Tentacle Thing Round 1

After defeating the hooked horror the group was joined by the Teifling rogue named Nemia. The party moved through caves, squeezing through tiny passages, and making there way to a small cave with an obelisk in the middle. Chained to obelisk was the blindfolded skeleton of some poor unknown soul. Curious, Nemia lifted the blindfold and was stung by a poison dart shooting out of the eye socket! In the other socket was a note that read: "South, South, East, North, West, South."

Moving farther through the caverns the party came upon a large cave with glowing blue light and a mountain of corpses in the middle of it. Undeterred the party pushed forward into the room only to be set upon by tentacles coming from the dark above. Immediately several among the party were grappled and restrained by the tentacles and pulled into the darkness. Tomas Morgan was taken down by one big bite from the beast. The rest of the group struggled free from the grasp of the monster and made a hasty retreat from the room, leaving behind the corpse of Morgan.

Is that polar bear?

The party retreated and found a secure place to rest. There they were greeted by friendly stranger by the name of Grinrekk. Their rest was disrupted part way through by the sudden appearance of a polar bear. Hoping to make an ally of the bear, Grunch, Nemia, and Grinrekk attempted gain it's trust. This only resulted in the bear not attacking the party. Throck also noticed that someone had left him a bottle of natural male enhancing solution during the rest.

Heroes of the Underdark vs Tentacle Thing Round 2

Someone (not Grunch) had the bright idea to try fighting this thing again. After nearly being killed again, and witnessing a zombie Tomas, the party was saved by a mind flayer by the name Qorik and his two man-servants (slaves). Luckily for our heroes, Qorik did not seem too interested in eating their brains. The party soon realized why, as Qorik had an ettin feast waiting for him back in his lair. The group made a hasty exit from Qorik's dungeon and onto new adventures.

"Nothing good happens down here."

Grinrekk attempted to intimidate Qorik to prove he was an alpha predator here to stop a "Not so" Honest Herb from releasing demonic horrors and that he was not to be messed with, but between his unintimidating actions and Nemia's voice cracking, Qorik thought quite the opposite: not only was the party not a threat, they were too stupid to have been the ones who released the horrors.

He lazily brushed past the party to sit at the head of his table, where a two-headed giant was strapped down and clearly part way through being eaten. He offered the party to stay for dinner, but they declined. He pointed them to the way out.

Monsters slain

  • 2 x maggot things
  • Curmurial the Mind Flayer's slave
  • Tamed the Polar Bear


  • Tomas Morgan - scooped up by the tentacle beast and made a snack of.


  • Memories that will last a life time…

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