May 25th: Betrayal at the Prison of the Fallen Angel

The forges of Gracklstugh grow dark without the Wyrmsmith to fire them; the rhythmic sounds of industry quiet and make the area even more eerie for the adventurers who have been used to it for the past two months. Who can say what state Gracklstugh is in now? Even worse, half of the party has found themselves stuck in a cavern after having fled the city. What will happen now?



After being trapped in a collapsed cavern our troupe of heroes has no choice but to probe deeper into the tunnels to find a way out. The group makes their way back to the throne room (Herb almost kills himself in the spike pit) with the seven, crying, stone faces.Throck sits in the throne an shows his junk off to everyone. With no other choice, the party continues forward through the drainage grate in the room. Grunch leads the way through the drain and emerges in the pitch black lower cavern. Throck and Herb are the last to come through the drain and are attacked by some unknown force. Herb is gravely injured, but Grunch manages to stabilize him before it's too late.

Making their way down the lower cavern, the party reaches a ledge where there is yet another drop off. Here, they choose to recuperate. Rested, the group descends with rope into the lower, lower cavern. They find themselves in a large room on a raised metal platform surrounded by a small subterranean lake. There are stairs that lead up and there is a path that leads into darkness. Choosing to explore farther, the crew journeys down the darker path, coming to the shores of the lake and to enormous metal door with crescent moons engraved on the surface. After much debating the door is opened, triggering a fire trap. Herb almost dies again, so our heroes decide on taking a long rest.

During the rest, an earth elemental creature known as "Xorn." emerges from the darkness. Knowing that it is an intelligent creature, the party trades gems and coins for information about the area. Unfortunately, the Xorn doesn't know much, other than the evilness of the place. The Xorn eats the metal door. Throck decides to stay back while Herb, Grunch, and (Padraig's Character) go deeper into the foreboding tunnel past the former location of the doors.

The group comes upon an enormous room with a coffin suspended in air in the middle. A quasit perched on the coffin tells the adventurers that this is the prison of the fallen angel Cydrial. The quasit convinces Herb to help him release the angel from confinement.Herb becomes invisible with his new quasit familiar. (Padraig's character) and Grunch try to find the invisible betrayer, but with no luck. Grunch and (Padraig's Character) pry some gems off the wall to find some silver lining.

After some waiting, Grunch and (Padraig's Character) are joined by (Collin's new Character). They discover an illusory wall and venture beyond it. They find a silly hat and ambush an unsuspecting hooked horror, slaying it with ease.

Monsters Slain

  • Hooked Horror


  • Not so Honest Herb has left the party (he is dead to us)


  • 10 x 10 gp gems
  • Jasper worth 50 gp
  • healing potion
  • scroll of chromatic orb

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