May 4th: Dungeon'd and Dragon'd



  • Throk and Herb fail to search the obelisk room they cleared previously with Shyrne
  • They met up with Dying Crow and Namdeeple and roughed up some wild life in the tunnels
  • They reported back to captain blackskull that the cult was dead - and gained passes to leave the darklake district.

Gracklstugh gets Dragon'd

  • The party travelled to the shrine of the flame, where they parted ways with dying crow and joined Thomas, who also sought an audience with Thumbercho the dragon
  • Thumbercho revealed he believed his servants were deceiving him and keeping information away from him
  • The cult wanted the party to track down a red dragon egg that was stolen by the cult so that they could replace thumbercho when they lost control of him
  • The party found the egg - in the same room they started and failed to search O.o
  • The group decided having a dragon as an ally was more useful than dreugar and returned the egg to him, confirmed the deception of the dreugar.
  • Thumbercho destroyed the egg and proceeded to rampage through the city
  • The party did some strategic saving of valuables and fled the city.

The Party gets Dungeon'd

  • While travelling north they entered a shrine following a cave in
  • Someone / or something closed the exit behind the party
  • The party collapsed the exit trying to escape, and now must proceed through the death traps

Monsters Slain

  • Decency
  • Society
  • Logic



*Dreugar leader - roasted by thumbercho
*Everyone Thumbercho ate

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