Sept 17: Horrible Children

Having settled matters in Blingdenstone, the party sets their sights on other matters to be dealt with, finding themselves in Gracklstugh's Darklake district once again. Having been smuggled into the city by a Duergar named Hemeth, they now rest easy in the famed Bullette's Lair with the sounds of the city's industry clanging away monotonously, the troublemaking orcs having all been intimidated or arrested, and the bard no longer playing his music after he was shaken down.

Hemeth offers to the party that in the next few weeks he will be making an arms shipment to the Drow, and in exchange for their escort he will give them safe passage to the Drow City of Spiders, the great Menzoberranzan. He says he will contact them when the shipment is nearing readiness, giving Gorsnick a Stone of Sending before slipping out of the tavern.


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