Sept 10: 1/100th of a soul

Stumbling back into the gates of Blingdenstone, beaten, bruised, and slimy, the party gives news that they were victorious against The Pudding King. Though the gnomes were repelled and unable to destroy all of the slimes, the rst will slowly dissipate into the rest of the Underdark through cracks and crevices in stone now that they have nothing keeping them there. A plan has already been hatched to take care of any stragglers, and Blingdenstone's route to the surface will likely be passable within a week or two: the first available path the party has found.


  • Belwar
  • Grandma
  • Grosnick Gorzog (with goblins)

Out of Blingdenstone

Rebuilding the Barrow Wardens

Looking for a Drow

Catching a lift

Getting to

Monsters slain

  • 3 cultists
  • 1 priest
  • 1 Grell




  • Scroll of Find Familiar
  • Scroll of Moonbeam
  • 3000 cp
  • 50 gp
  • 4 daggers
  • 1 fine leather shortsword scabbard (25gp)

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