Sept 7 2018 : Pudding the plan into action

Deep down in places no sane men wander, the party await the Svirfneblin forces mustering. The party has accomplished many deeds up to this point: They've produced an uneasy truce between the Gnomes and the Wererats, they rescued the members of the Stoneheart Enclave from petrification, they obtained basilisk eggs for the Gnomish artificers, they've laid the souls of warriors to rest for the Barrow Warden ghosts, and they've sealed Entemoch's Bane away ceasing the corruption of earth elementals for the miners. Now, all these united factions prepare for war against their common enemy: the Pudding King.

Scouts have been dispatched to observe the King and his Court from a distance. What information will their reports return, and will the combined might of the party and united Gnomish factions be enough to oppose the King?


  • Andy as Pressed
  • Collin as Belwar
  • Misha as Orangina
  • Padraig as Grawwwww (please fix can't remember)

Battle Prep

The group encountered glabbagool the sentient slime and his "wizard?" slime companion and tried to direct him out of the city. They then met with the managers office and agreed to being a super cool strike team that would sneak around the battlefield and attack the throne room where the pudding king had set up camp.

Where did this tunnel come from?

After going through the door the party found themselves in a unmapped tunnel. They turned down "help" from the super "helpful" quasit population. They fought their way past a gibbering mouther feasting on slimes and a gelatinous cube [padraigs character] and belwar ran face first into. They then found there way to the battlefield proper.

Battle Field

The party tried to avoid the bulk of the slimes but found themselves in a fight with the prince and princess slimes. Graaawwww and Belwar chased the pudding king …. into another cube. Slowly, the party killed the slimes and banished princess ebonmire the black pudding and reached the entrance to the throne room; however, they're path of retreat was blocked by a hoard of slimes. Glabbagool arrves and begins a slow charge across the field.

Throne Room

You can be one with the Faceless Lord! Just let yourselves be eaten, you can have everything!

The "pudding king" was found in the throne room hiding behind the throne. However, the party were wimps and didn't back up Belwar's suicidal charge into the throne room. So Belwar tried to fight the pudding king alone until the rest of the party joined. After defeating the deep gnome, the true pudding king emerged from the body as a giant black pudding. Belwar killed the pudding king for real by shooting through glabagool. With the slime hoard approaching, things looked grim until the ghost gnome Jaeger arrived with a group of earth elementals which opened up a path for the party to retreat.

We will rise from our children, we will be reborn from the Faceless Lord! Juiblex will consume the banquet laid out for Him by the Queen of Fungi and we… will… all… GROW! - The Pudding King's dying words.


-Pudding king (gnome form and ooze form)
-A lot of Slimes
-A lot of gnomes
- Some cave badgers
- A lot of wererats
- Some gnome ghosts


  • Spellbook Underland Magicks, made of trillimac fungus parchment and bound in troglodyte hide. It is varnished and does not seem effected by the corrosive effects of slimes. Contains the following spells:

Level 1. Alarm, color spray, comprehend languages, find familiar, grease, identify, jump, Tasha's hideous laughter, unseen servant.
Level 2. Alter self, blur, crown of madness, gust of wind, invisibility, knock, magic weapon, phantasmal force, spider climb.
Level 3. Blink, dispel magic, gaseous form, major image, protection from energy, slow, tongues, water breathing.
Level 4. Blight, fabricate, fire shielf, hallucinatory terrain, locate creature, phantasmal killer, polymorph, stoneskin.

  • 55 gp
  • 30 ep
  • Potion of healing
  • Scroll of speak with plants
  • Scroll of conjure elemental
  • Varnished Nothic eye (acts as a crystal ball of true seeing, 1 use)
  • Pudding King's bracers (ornately carved stone bracers worth 25gp, no armor)

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