November 24: They're Multiplying


  • Presse
  • Belwar (with Ratticus)

Into the Rockblight

Speaking to their friends at the Stoneheart Enclave, the party was given the Stoneheart to take into the Rockblight to "close the door" on Ogremoch's Bane, so that if slain he couldn't easily return to this realm. The party entered the area of the city that has yet to be reclaimed and searched for Ogremoch's Bane, and the standing stone to put the Stoneheart into. Doing this would earn the favor of the miner's guild, who would help the party in the fight to eradicate the horde of slimes from the city and open the ways to the surface.

After an astute observation by Presse that there was something behind a waterfall, the party fought a gargoyle and Hocus Punchus, the earth elemental that Belwar had trained to be a powerful hand-to-hand fighter.

A few rounds later, after beating the shit out of the party, Hocus flipped Belwar off and sank away into the earth.

Friends in Low Places

The party then bumped into the ghost of Udhusk, who was unaware that he was dead and demanded they take the Stoneheart to the temple to the Northwest.

On their way, the party found a gaggle of mephits that were huge fans of the party, thanking them for having saved their master.

Rock and Roll

The party located the altar where they had to place the ruby to retore the seal that would stop the Bane's return. However, they were jumped by hocus punchus and some friends who rolled into the party like bowling balls. Belwar (in the one good charisma check of his life) distracted hocus punchus long enough to get the ruby in spot. The party then withdrew.

Give Up the Ghost

The party set out to put Udhusk to rest, in order to get the spectral barrowwardens to assist them in the coming fight. Although Presse was possessed, and belwar shot him, then presse almost bled to death, everything ended fine. And by fine, we mean 35 mephits descended on the ghost and ripped it apart. The mephits are recursively summoning mephits. This could be bad.

Monsters slain

1x gargoyle
1x Hocus Punchus (retreated)
1x Ghost of Udhusk



Ruby with a single cast of a spell to banish Ogremoch's Bane. (Made by stoneheart enclave)

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