November 16: Chicken Teeth & Bitten Feets


  • Presse So
  • Belwar (with Ratticus)
  • Namnoodle (with Charles)

Our Feet

The party met with Glyphic Shroomelight of the stone heart enclave and agreed to seek out the missing members of their organization (2/3) who went to find Antimoch's boon. They also agreed to return Basilisk eyes to Gnomi the alchemist/animalist since they were in the area. After a brief skirmish with mephits, they were forced off the path by an eathquake. The unplanned detour took them into a shrine of Jubelix (the demon prince of slimes), where they met a mad-dwarf raising grey slimes as if they were her children. The party drove the cultist back by diverting some water and flooding the shrine. While they tended to their injuries, the notorious glabagool the talking gelatnious cube arrived. The party sent the cube to "visit" the slime lady while they descended to investigate the Boon.

Chicken Feet

At Antiochs boon, the party found two gnomes transformed into stone. So obviously they ran around like idiots and messed with a nest of stone blue eggs. Inevitably, they were attacked by the parental bassilisk. Presse and Nam ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, while Belwar stabbed the beast to death.


The party carried the petrified gnomes back to blingdenstone along with basilisk eyes and eggs. The enclave would be de-pretified by their fellow member, and the party received blessings and rewards for their labor.

Monsters slain

  • 3x grey ooze
  • 1x basilisk
  • 1x weird mom dwarf (Glabbagool solo'd)
  • 6 Dust Mephits




  • +1 drowcraft dagger
  • ? SP
  • 41 GP
  • Potion of Greater Healing
  • 5 Basilisk Eggs (Sold to Nomi for 15gp)
  • Blessed weapons/armor from Glyphic Shroomelight

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