When last we met...

A summary of events in the Abyss up until now:

Prison break

In which the heroes broke out of prison by murdering the hell out of some guards

The Chase

In which the underdark was huge and terrifying

Fall of Sloobludop

In which a bunch of Kuo-Toa had a standoff with a bunch of other Kuo-Toa in a town made of garbage. Also, a two-headed demon whose name brings madness was summoned. Also, the group ran afoul of some sea hags, who just about killed them. Later they went to a slime temple and met a sentient gelatinous cube.



Became deputies of the stone guard, granted this comission by Captain Blackskull. She ordered them to work on capturing Droki and figuring out what information he has, believing him connected to a deep vein of corruption running through Gracklstugh.

The Blade Bazaar Riots
The party came upon a "riot", rather, an outbreak of disease caused by Jilly Bram and the drow Sarith. The Blade Bizarre was under quarantine, and Stonewall Willmaer perished in a daring attempt with Grunch Lone-hunter to rescue Captain Blackskull.


Entering the tunnels beneath Graklstugh, the party partially explored the tunnels and killed a few cultists, as well, they promised a ghostly gnome that they would find his hand and take the ring back from it to his family. They have since come and gone into the tunnels multiple times.

Audience with the Stone Speaker
After completing work to earn the trust of the Stone Guard, Stone Speaker Hgraam summoned the party to the Cairngorm Cavern, where he spoke to them of

“Something evil stirs in the Underdark. The rock itself cries in pain and horror, and a madness Creeps from the blackest depths. Pay heed to the signs surrounding you. A cave with two faces. Rock devoured, and the land overgrown.The pebble believes itself flesh. The earth rejects its wards, and the tunnels shake in fury. By these portents, you shall know of evil's presence and of evil's face. This is what the stones tell me."

He offered them a magical crystal, but the party did not accept it and returned back to the inn, restless to leave the city.


The Derro have all disappeared. Every single last one, and nobody knows where they have gone to.

Brewery Boogaloo

While investigating a missing child for a lead on the cultists in Gracklstugh, the team found that there was the fungus infected corpse of Sarith, a drow that went missing weeks ago, being used to brew the beer given out in Gracklstugh. They fled, and reported to Captain Blackskull what was happening. Captain Blackskull was furious that the team came back to tell her instead of just handling it, and demanded that Grunch go and deal with it. Upon returning, the party found that the fungus had grew into a hideous beast that broke out of the brewery. The party fled, and resisted Blackskull's orders to go and fight it.


A drider in the tunnels beneath the city warned Shynre to be wary of the path she takes, and that her quest for power was foolish: power always remains with the Queen of the Spiders. Who was this person before they were transformed into a drider?


After leaving the tunnels to check if the battle with the fungus monstrosity had finished, the party found that life had indeed returned to normal. However, they did spy a wanted poster for Grunch, who is wanted for desertion, threatening an officer of the Stone Guard, indecent behavior, and insubordination. Are the rest of the party wanted, too?

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