NPCs of the Abyss


Prince Derindil

A mad quaggoth, claiming to be the Prince of the High forest polymorphed under a vicious curse. Haughty and spoiled, he behaves entirely like an elf… until the madness takes over, and he begins thrashing around like a quaggoth.


Buppido is a quiet derro, who was kind and a good listener.update: he vanished (horribly?)

Thrif Lightfoot

A high elf who was kidnapped from their home, Thrif escaped the prison with Jilly Bram, but hasn't been seen since. update: he died horribly


A cowardly, nihilistic Kuo-toa with ties to the sea-mother cult. update: he died horribly


A dwarf who just wants to go home to Gauntylgrim. Is still imprisoned.


Sarith is a drow who said that he was framed for a murder he did not commit, though he would have gladly done so and admitted to it if he had. The drow became progressively sicker due to some disease, and after the transformation of Jilly Bram into a monster who attacked the party and suspicion was laid upon him due to his illness, he fled into a culvert near the Darklake Brewery where the party lost track of him. update: he died horribly

The Pursuit from Velkynvelve

A contingent of Drow from Velkynvelve, out to recapture the escaped prisoners. Partially out of pride, partially out of madness, they tirelessly are seeking the party - or anyone associated - to replace the number of prisoners who escaped.

Ilvara Mizzrym

The commander of Velkynvelve is an ambitious drow priestess looking to rise in the esteem of Lolth and her house. She considers command of a mere outpost a stepping stone in her ascension. The posting is beneath her, and she treats both it and her prisoners with contempt. But she also knows the posting is temporary, and she intends to wring every advantage from it in the meantime


The status of anyone *left* in Sloobludop is currently unknown.


Archpriestess of the Sea Mother, Blibdoolvpoolp. Rescued the party from the cultists of Leemooggoogoon, the Deep Father. Used them in a plan to strike at the heart of the cult, using the party as an offering of peace to be sacrificed by the Deep Father priest Bloppblippodd, who was Ploopploopeen's son. Was last seen in a boat heading from the ruins of Sloobludop toward Gracklstugh.



Hemeth is an arms dealer who dabbles in the construction of magic weapons. Though he technically is breaking the law in other jurisdictions with his arms trades (especially with making so much money off of the civil war in Sloobludop), Hemeth fastidiously follows the letter of the law while inside his hometown due to the heavy-handed nature of Gracklstugh's system of law.

Captain Errde Blackskull

Captain Blackskull is the duergar captain of the Stone Guard, who told the party that it would be in their best interests to accept being deputized and to capture Droki.

She has consolidated considerable power behind her after having directed and personally engaged in battles to protect the city both during the outbreak and the attack of Themberchaud the dragon.

Droki - Missing

Droki is an especially quick and small Derro messenger. Droki has told the party that he works for anyone, but gets the most money from the Grey Ghosts.

Grey Ghosts

Alchemists and psionics, an ancient secret society that hasn't been heard from for hundreds of years. A resurgence of their activity recently occurred as the city came under repeated attack from zombies in the great outbreak. It is said that they could conjure powerful weapons and more with just their mind.


Pelek is a ghost in the Whorlstone Tunnels under Gracklstugh who requested that what is left of his body- his hand and prized wedding ring- be returned to Blingdenstone to his family.


Rumpadump is a myconid who just wanted to go home but thought he was trapped in the whorlstone tunnels under Gracklstugh.

Neverlight Grove

Sovereign Basidia

A peaceful myconid who is the leader of its circle. Arrived somewhat recently in the Neverlight Grove and was welcomed with open arms. However, it recently has become concerned about corruption in their counterpart, Sovereign Phylo.

** Sovereign Phylo**

Phylo was the original leader of the Neverlight Grove, and served in this capacity and as a best friend of Basidia until Zuggtmoy's influence came over them. Phylo then dreamed all day about a mushroom paradise. It became enthralled by the promise of plentiful soil and moisture, perpetual rot, and beautiful transcendent dreams to be shared in a neverending communal melding—all offered to the grove's folk as generous and wondrous gifts from the Lady of Decay.


Leader of the hunters in the grove, as powerful as any myconid but incredibly stealthy and learned in the ways of the land outside of the grove.


Dorbo Diggermattock

Soon-to-be King of Blingdenstone, the first of his name. A hot head and strong believer in solving problems forcefully and quickly, Dorbo often gets in arguments with Kameela about how to handle issues in the city. While he might want to solve problems with force and Kameela with words, they don't disagree on the desired outcomes.

Kameela Diggermattock

Soon-to-be Queen of Blingdenstone, the first of her name. Overly cautious and kind to a fault, Kameela wants to try to work things out peacefully. While she may disagree with Dorbo on the means when it comes to matters of governance, she certainly doesn't disagree with the ends.


Ghostly former leader of the Burrow Wardens, a paramilitary organization of highly trained martial deep gnomes. They were completely wiped out during the drow invasion, but Jager remains and gives quests.

Nomi Pathshutter

Member of the stoneheart Enclave and wrangler of the Earth Elementals. Warned the party of Ogremoch's Bane in the areas Northeast of the city, and complained about the sudden rise in ghosts.

Kazook Pickshine

A sharp-nosed deep gnome alchemist, tinkerer, and artificer.

The Stoneheart Enclave

The Stoneheart Enclave split from the Emerald Enclave ages ago, and now exists mainly as a guild of magic-users of all types. While there are very few gnomes who can develop their magic skills these days who wouldn't seek a life of adventuring, they still manage to maintain a few members.

The Stoneheart Enclave is responsible for the summoning of the earth elementals that are helping in the reconstruction of the city. Currently, they have members looking for a place called Entemoch's Boon, an ancient holy site inside a cave.

Their leader is Yantha Coaxrock.

Glyphic Shroomelight

Acolyte caretaker of the Stoneheart Enclave's temple and giver of a quest to put a spirit to rest and free up a burrow for others to live in.


Wererats in Blingdenstone were outcasts from the settlement before it was sacked by the Drow in the late 1300's. Siding with the drow to pillage the city, the Wererats remained while the drow looted and mined everything they could from it. Now that Deep Gnome settlers have returned and are trying to rebuild the city, animosity is at an all-time high.


A roguish deep gnome and leader of the wererats of Blingdenstone, Chipgrin is as playful as he is manipulative. He would rather solve problems with manipulation and intrigue— one reason why the battle against the wererats by Dorbo and Kameela hasn't been very successful. Combined with the recent ooze attacks that the wererat warrens have been receiving the brunt of, however, and Chipgrin is starting to look for options.


Herbitus "Honest Herb" Xorlarin

Honest Herb was seen joining a demon in the game Betrayal at the Prison of the Fallen Angel. He has not been seen since. Later, he was caught in Mim and Cydriel

The Society for Brilliance

Armchair philosopher mages who like the party.


  • Y the Derro - has gone missing, The Society is searching for him.
  • Blurg the orog -
  • Grazilaxx the mindflayer - involved in a teleportation accident with the party.
  • Skriss the troglodyte -
  • Sloopidoop the kuo-toa - has haunting visions which the other members of the Society insist are prophetic.
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